Local Area: Tsitsernakaberd Memorial Complex

Tsitsernakaberd Memorial Complex was founded in 1965 by the architects Kalashian and Tarkhanyan to recall the memory of innocent victims of Armenian Genocide. It was constructed on the occasion of the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Genocide. The monument stands on one of three hills along the Hrazdan River and carries the name Tsitsernakaberd meaning ''Fortress of swallows''.

Before the construction of Tsitsernakaberd, the Soviet Armenian people commemorated the memory of the victims in the Pantheon named after Komitas.  

The Tsitsernakaberd memorial consists of two parts; one is a high pillar divided into two parts, the second is a circle of lower walls with an eternal fire in the center. The walled are connected with each other with stairs and stimulate Armenian khachkars.

The high pillar is divided into two parts, and people interpret it differently, some say it symbolizes Eastern and Western Armenia, others believe it is Ararat Mountain with its two tops, Great and Little.

Before reaching the central part of the memorial, visits observe a 100-meter-long Memorial Wall in which the names of suffered cities are engraved. The last portion of the Wall contains glass casings with soil brought from the tombs of political and intellectual figures, who claimed the recognition of Armenian Genocide. 

Every year, on 24th of April, thousands of people from Armenia and abroad come here to give a tribute to the innocent victims. They bring flowers and lay them around the eternal fire and the height of them sometimes reaches to one meter.


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