Local Area: St. Zoravor Church

St.  Zoravor church is one of the ancient churches in Yerevan. Originally it was called “St. Astvatsatsin” (Holy Mother of God), but later was renamed Zoravor (Powerful). It was built in Shahar district in old Yerevan. Earlier here was the tomb-chapel of St. Anania and the monastic complex with the church, chapel and the residence. The earthquake of 1679 completely destroyed the complex.

The current church of St. Zoravor was constructed from bright-red stones in the same place in 1693 thanks to a wealthy Yerevan resident Khoja Panos. The outer walls are decorated with 17th-century khachkars. Due to the support of Echmiadzin, the church was fundamentally reconstructed, and the dilapidated walls, gallery and the roof were constructed in the 1970s.

In 1889, St. Anania Chapel was added to the northeastern side of the church with stairs leading to the churchyard on the eastern side.

From the architectural viewpoint, the church is eye-catching with its striking simplicity and distinguished severity. The tri-vaulted porch provides a substantial liveliness with decorative columns on the western part of the church. The vestibules are decorated with domed belfries with bells. St. Zoravor church is built in three-nave basilica style. The main altar with vestries is located on the eastern side of the prayer hall.

During Soviet times, the church has served for different purposes, although after its collapse the church was returned to its believers and became active.


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