Local Area: Sergej Parajanov Museum

Being one of the most famous and required filmmakers of the 20th century, Sergei Parajanov was also the contemporary and friend of Fellini. His films reflected the ethnic diversity of Caucasus, the place where he was raised. Thanks to his rare visual interpretation of culture, Parajanov has encompassed everything he has felt or endured. 

The Sergei Parajanov Museum was founded in 1988. Parajanov chose the place and construction project of the museum, when he moved to Yerevan. Because of the Spitak earthquake and other socio-economic issues, it was opened a year after Parajanov’s death, in 1991. The museum is famous for its exhibitions and honorary receptions. It’s enough to mention that prominent people like Paulo Coelho, Tonino Guerra, Atom Egoyan, Nikita Mikhalkov, Valdas Adamkus, Tarja Halonen, Vladimir Putin and many others have visited the museum.

The Sergei Parajanov Museum comprises exhibits, installations, collages, dolls, hats, assemblages and drawings. The museum also preserves unpublished screenplays, librettos and other works created while Parajanov was in prison.

Parajanov’s art was forbidden during the Soviet Union; hence he was ignored and misunderstood. In reality, it was a sign for many people that his art was difficult and eminent for them to comprehend.

A bright example is his famous film “The Color of Pomegranate”, which caused numerous discussions and debates. Even Fellini confessed that he watched the movie over and over to comprehend the meaning.

The visionary films of Parajanov include “The Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”, “The Legend of Suram Fortress” and “Sayat-Nova”. These were the films that brought him lifelong persecution by the Soviet regime.


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