Local Area: Noravank Monastery

Noravank is a 13th –century monastery founded by Bishop Hovhannes in 1339 and located in Noravank Canyon. From afar it looks like a majestic monastery perched on the surface of a rock.

The monastery is famous for its two-storey church of Surb Astvatsatsin (Holy Mother of God) with its stone-made staircases climbing on the face of the building.

During 13-14th centuries, the monastery has been a residence for Syunik's bishops and hence a religious and cultural center. Later it has become a center of learning together with Gladzor's famous university and library. 

The architect Siranes added the church of St Grigory to the northern wall of St Karapet in 1275. The church has a rectangular plan with semi-circular altar flanked by khachkars and representations of doves in relief and a vaulted ceiling. The entrance is decorated with columns and an arched tympanum.

The most ancient church in Noravank is St Karapet (9-10th century), which has reached us in ruins. 

Noravank also houses a two-storied sepulcher-church of Prince Burtel Orbelyan, constructed by Momik in 1339.

The amazing reliefs of the Virgin and the Archangels Gabriel and Michael on the tympant at the first circle are also of great interest. The second circle is also noteworthy with Jesus Christ with the Apostles Peter and Paul.  

A number of 13th-14th-century buildings attract their visitors with a particular khachkar carved by Momik, which is now on deposit in Etchmiadzin.


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