Local Area: National Art Gallery of Armenia

The National Art Gallery of Armenia was founded in 1921. It occupies six floors of eight-storey building situated at the Republic Square, while the other two floors occupy The History Museum. 
 The gallery is among the biggest museums in the post-Soviet territory. It maintains the largest collection of Armenian art in the world. The museum preserves more than 20.000 paintings, 350 of which belong to the paintbrush of such prominent Western artists as are Garza, Orakyan, Fetvadzhyan and the rest. The Gallery keeps a complete collection of the paintings of Aivazovsky.
The National Gallery stores the paintings of many famous twentieth century painters – Mark Shagal, Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, Valentin Serov, Wassily Kandinski, Bajberuk-Melikian, Robert Falk, Georgy Yakulov and others.
The identity of Armenian people, their traditions and features are reflected in this gallery. The best opportunity to get familiar with the Armenian art in close is visiting the National Gallery.
 In the Armenian section, you can see the copies of murals of Lmbatavank, Tatev Monastery, Akhtala, Aruch Church and Haghpat Monasteries. An enormous collection of original copies of medieval segments and miniatures of murals by Naghash and Hovnatan Hovnatanyans are kept here.
This national treasury holds works by Fragonard, Courbet, Donatello, Tintoretto, Theodore Rousseau, Rodin, Rubens and Jan Van Dyck. The creations of many Russian and Armenian painters, sculptors and graphic artists including Martiros Sarian, Yervand Kochar and Sedrak Arakelyan are held here. 
You will sin if you leave Armenian without seeing this national repository of art.


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