Local Area: Charles Aznavour Square

Charles Aznavour is a worldwide famous French-Armenian singer and songwriter. 

He is the son of Armenian immigrants born in Paris. The famous and enduring singer began his career at age nine. His star time was when Edith Piaf heard his song and took him with her on tour in France and the USA.

His songs are basically about love and he is often called “Frank Sinatra of France.”

When being in Yerevan it is impossible not to be in the Aznavour Square.

It was designed in 1924 and was known as the Moscow Cinema Square. However, in 2001, it was officially renamed after the Honorary Citizen of Yerevan, prominent singer and songwriter Charles Aznavour.

The singer was treated to an exceptional honor in Armenia by inaugurating a square named after him.

The square is another excellent place in Yerevan. It is shaped like a semi-circle and is located on the crossroad of Tumanyan and Abovyan streets.

The twelve fountains, situated in the center of the square, symbolize the signs of the zodiac. Frequently the Square becomes a stage for rock concerts and youth gatherings.

A number of interesting decorations have come to complete the look of the Square. A big chessboard is installed here and has a significant role from the educational viewpoint. Also, a big iron bull and a spider are located there which capture the curiosity of the passers-by. The Square is a favorite place for the citizens during their leisure time.

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