Local Area: Cascade Complex

Cascade is a massive stairway built in the 1970s. It connects Yerevan center to the Haghtanak Park and the Monument neighborhood. Cascade currently houses the Cafesjian Center for the Arts. The complex was conceived by the architect A. Tamanyan, who wanted to link the northern and central parts of Yerevan. 

According to Tamanyan’s design, the structure would look like a complex with a large green area of waterfalls and gardens cascading down from the city’s highest promontory.  Unfortunately, the plan was not realized until the 1970s, and it got its revival by Jim Torosyan, the chief architect of Yerevan. Torosyan used the original plan of Tamanyan as a basis for his ideas that included a series of escalators, monumental exterior stairway and a network of courtyards, halls, and outdoor gardens. 

Nevertheless, the construction of the complex according to Torosyan’s design started in the 1980s and was abandoned because of two factors; the collapse of the Soviet Union 1991 and the earthquake in Gyumri.

By the initiative of Mr. Cafesjian, Cascade was revitalized in 2002. During the latest thirteen years, every part of the complex was renovated and reconstituted to a Center for the Arts named after its benefactor.

Currently, Cascade is embellished with various splendid works of sculpture bearing the patterns of Armenian cultural heritage and rich history.

It goes without saying, that the project succeeded taking into account the number of daily visitors to Cascade and the impressed faces of people.

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