Local Area: Armenian National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre

Armenian National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre (Opera House) was founded by the Government decree in 1932. It is named after Alexander Spendiaryan and built in a classic style. With its solemn and beautiful round construction, it is situated in the center of the city. The entrance of the Opera House has a noble look thanks to the column decorations and huge space.

Alexander Tamanyan, the chief architect of the capital city, has designed the building. His creative and unique ideas have endowed a special look to Yerevan.

The official opening of the Opera House was on 20 January 1933. The opening of the theatre gave birth to new opera and ballet performances. The first Armenian ballet taken to the stage was "Happiness" by Aram Khachatryan. Soon it was followed by “Almast” by A. Spendiaryan, “Gayane”, “Anoush” by Armen Tigranyan, etc.

A number of world-famous Armenian and foreign opera singers have been hosted here.

The circular building of the Opera House is surrounded by the statues of great representatives of Armenian culture. In front of the Big Concert Hall is located the statue to the world-famous composer Aram Khachatryan. On the opposite part of the statue, in the Azatutyan Square are the statues to Armenian famous writer Hovhannes Toumanyan and composer Alexander Spendiaryan. A few walks from the Opera House, near the Lake Swan you can see the statue to the talented modern composer Arno Babajanyan.

All of these statues are unique in their style, and they seem to be full of spirit and energy.

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