Local Area: Temple of Garni

There isn’t such a person, who will come to Armenia and won’t visit Garni. The Temple of Garni is built in the classical Hellenistic style, and it is the only colonnaded building in Armenia. It is said that Garni was constructed by the King Tiridates in the 1st century to worship sun god Mihr. 

After the conversion to Christianity, the temple became a summer camp for Khosrovadukht, the sister of Tiridates III. 

The concrete date of its construction is unknown, but the facts show that it was in 77 AD. Garni was designed to orient to the East, to the rising sun. The temple entirely follows the Platonic and Pythagorean theories of the sacred geometry of the day. It is on the edge of a cliff and when you look up from the canyon to the temple, you see how the sun plays upon the stones and makes them glow. The canyon is called “Symphony.” It has obtained this name for its rock formations; a series of perfectly cut granite, slag, basalt and andesite. The Canyon preserves the remains of a 16th-century bridge. 

Nonetheless, in 1679 the temple was destroyed by a devastating earthquake. A number of people suggested reconstruction plans for the temple, but it was approved only in 1969 by the Soviet government. The idea belonged to architectural historian Alexander Shahinyan. The construction was completed in 1975, and three years later a monument to Shahinyan was erected not far from the temple.

 Nowadays Garni is one of the main tourist attractions in Armenia and the sanctuary of Armenian neopaganism. The temple is now officially known as the Garni Historical and Cultural Museum Reserve.

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Contact details: Region of Kotayq, Garni village Stephan Shahumyan 6
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