Local Area: Republic Square

In the heart of Yerevan, furnished with singing and dancing colorful fountains and a magnificent mosaic rock carpet, is the Republic Square. It has numerous characteristics that make it the only one of its type. The 3000-year-old ruins underneath the rock carpet once boasted an unusual combination of red and black tufa.

The brilliant architectural solutions of the Republic Square belong to the beloved Armenian architect Alexander Tamanyan.

In order to examine Tamanyan’s imposing designs in details you should give a walk around the large oval of the Square or take a look from above, as it is meant to look like an Armenian traditional rug. The famous seven fountains are the beloved meeting spot of many loving couples. 

The Republic Square is more crowded in the evenings when people return home after a hard working day and enjoy their family time there. The best period for daily visits to the Square is between early spring and late fall. It’s the best time when the singing fountains operate and perform a fantastic light show under classical music, pop, rock and contemporary jazz. It makes the Republic Square a truly exciting and significant places for tourists and all Armenians. 

Synchronized with the beauty of the Republic Square stand five impressive buildings, the History Museum and the National Art Gallery, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Post Office and the Government Building with the clock tower.

Of particular interest are the state concerts that take place in the Republic Square. They gather the Armenians from all corners of the country and many tourists together, to enjoy the concert and admire the beautiful square.

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