Local Area: Yerevan Brandy Factory

Nowadays, it is impossible to celebrate any Armenian wedding without the company of brandy. Armenian brandy is the pride of its people. The story of the brandy culture goes back to the times of Noah when he planted the first wine tree.

The Brandy Factory of Yerevan was founded in 1887. A well-known merchant and philanthropist Nerses Tairyan with the help of seascape artist Hovhannes Aivazovsky built the factory and started the industrial production of wine. In 1900, Tairyan leased the factory to Shustov, the next owner of cognac factory. The latter presented his production to an exhibition held in Paris and received a Grand Prize for it. 

This event was the beginning of the winning campaign of the factory, as it became one of the 30 most famous companies providing production to His Excellency the Emperor.

The devotees of the Armenian Brandy are not ordinary people; it is enough to name Sir Winston Churchill. It is not a coincidence, that in his late years when asked about the secret of his long-living, Churchill advised drinking Armenian Brandy. 

When visiting Armenia, one should not miss the chance to take a tour of the Yerevan Brandy Factory. It is a sin to be here and not to visit the museum of the factory, not to get familiar with the 120-year-old history of Armenian brandy and see medals decorating the Ararat legend. Also, you can see the oldest barrels that preserve the fantastic taste and captivating smell of the cognac and enjoy the delicious brandy in the tasting hall.

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