Local Area: Yerevan Vernissage

Vernissage or Yerevan’s Flea market is an open-air exhibition-market that goes live on weekends. It was formed in the 1980s by Armenian artists, who created a place for displaying their artworks. 

In spite of the weather and season, it is one of the most crowded places in Yerevan. There you can find the best and most impressive souvenirs, carved wood and artworks, traditional carpets, books, jewellery. It is the best place to purchase old collections of coins and medallions, electronics, musical instruments, needlework, dolls, ceramics and even pets. During years, Vernissage has become the small element of Yerevan’s cultural life. 

The term “vernissage” derives from French and means a private show before the opening of an art exhibition. 

Once Vernissage was located in the Saryan park, near Opera House. Gradually it was enlarged and moved to the crossroad of Hanrapetutyan and Aram streets. However, many artists still continue displaying their works in the Saryan park. 

Nowadays Vernissage has turned into a fusion of national traditions and modern taste. Here you can find anything that crosses your mind. It is among the beloved places of tourists. If you ask any resident where to buy Armenian souvenirs, they will unanimously indicate Vernissage.

Certainly, it is the second home for numerous people, as they are not pursuing only material benefits, but also enjoy spiritual pleasures of being a part of Vernissage.


Distance from ParisHotel: 0.85 Km
Contact details: Address` Hanrapetutyan street, Yerevan