Local Area: TUMO Center for Creative Technologies

TUMO is an innovative studio equipped with state-of-the-art digital technology. It is a new kind of after-school learning, where students follow a particular version of the program. Since 2012, all involved teenagers can attend a summer camp in creative technologies.

Anyone who is motivated and interested in producing creative content and media applications can join Tumo to advance through levels of knowledge and skills. Teenagers aged 12-18 are welcomed here by skilled professionals to navigate through their personal learning plans. 

The students here have a chance to apply their skills and knowledge obtained during various workshops, community events and guest lectures to the surrounding world. They face their future armed with a broader world view, cutting-edge skills, and multifunctional portfolios.

TUMO Center is the result of the imagination of Sam and Sylva Simonian. Thanks to the Simonian Foundation, the center gets full funds for implementing its programs, for the adjoining plaza and the Tumanyan Park. Both of them are fully engaged in the management of the center, with Sam lending his expertise on technology and Sylva contributing to the engagement with the environment and the unique curriculum of the program. 

They collaborate with Tumo director Marie Lou Papazian and board member Pegor Papazian. Generally, Tumo’s leadership team consists of highly successful and competent professionals. 

They all have one goal; to expand young people’s horizons, to aspire them pursue their plans and objectives, and achieve their creative potential to the fullest. 


Distance from ParisHotel: 7.2 Km
Contact details: Address` Halabyan 16 street, Yerevan 0038, Tel: (010) 39 84 13
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