Local Area: The Government House of RA

The Government Building (Government House) of the Republic of Armenia is situated on the Republic Square. It’s a five minute's walk from Paris Hotel. The author of the building is Academician Alexander Tamanyan. To design the House, Tamanyan studied all characteristic features of ancient Armenian architecture and implied elements of Medieval Armenian architecture and monumental sculpture. And, obviously, he did an excellent job creating a national artwork that bears the influence and patterns of subsequent Armenian city planning.

From the perspective of the town planning, the Government House was intended to be the axis of the Opera House and the Northern Avenue being under design. Nonetheless, the construction of the building was suspended in 1941. 

In 1952, Gevorg Tamanyan, the son of the architect, took up and finished the construction of the Government House. It was the first structure built on the central oval-shaped Republic Square and subsequently, it decided all stylistic features, including the height, scale, rhythmical patterns and break-ups of the nearby buildings erected in the future.

Due to its gradual and smooth angular passages, the whole design of the building is perceived as a harmonious integrity. The Government House is built from rose felzit-tufa reckoning on a ground anchor made from basalt.

In 1942, Alexander Tamanyan was bestowed a Soviet State Award for the design of the Government Building.

Distance from ParisHotel: 0.3 Km