Local Area: Erebuni Fortress-Museum

Erebuni Fortress is one of those fortresses that were built along the northern Urartu border to protect the kingdom from invasions. Being built on the top of Arin Berd hill, it is often called similarly. It has had very significant political, cultural and economic role in the life of the kingdom. 

Due to the Resolution of the Government of RA, the Erebuni Museum was founded on May 24, 1968. The Erebuni Museum opened its doors to the public in the same year when Armenians were celebrating the 2750th anniversary of Yerevan. The Museum was renamed Erebuni Historical and Archeological Culture-Preserve in 2003.

The primary goal of the Culture-Preserve was to validate the finds discovered in three main archeological places scientifically; Arin Berd, Shengavit, and Karmir Blur. It also pursues an aim to document the history of the establishment of Yerevan.

A number of artifacts as earthenware, bracelets, pottery, belt-buckles, helmets, arrows, drinking vessels, silver coins from the Urartian, pre-Urartian, Achaemenid,  Hellenistic and early Armenian periods were uncovered during excavations. 

These findings are presented in various collections. 11.295 uncovered items are introduced into 128 collections. 64 of them are based on the findings in Arin Berd, 11 of them in Karmir Blur, 18 of them in Shengavit and 35 collections present the findings in Yerevan and the regions of Armenia.

The museum holds permanent and temporary exhibitions. It also suggests guided tours in other languages.

Distance from ParisHotel: 5 Km
Contact details: Erebuni Museum Archaeological Preserve Republic of Armenia 020, Yerevan, Erebuni Street 38 (+ 374)
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