Local Area: St. Grigor Lusavorich Cathedral

One of the largest and fantastic cathedrals in Armenia is St. Grigor Lusavorich. It is the house for relics of St. Grigor and the symbol of the 1700th Christianity proclaimed as a State Religion in Armenia. Its construction ended in 2001, and now it is seen from all corners of Yerevan with its majesty and beauty. The architect Stepan Kurkchyan designed the Cathedral.

The Cathedral consists of three churches: the Main Church (Cathedral) with 1700 seats, the Chapels of St. Tiridat and St. Ashkhen the Queen. Both of them helped St. Gregory in converting Armenia to Christianity. On the lower floor of the Main Church the receptions and church-related activities are held. The belfry together with the court is situated at the entrance of the Cathedral.

The bell tower consists of about 30 arches. The Cathedral covers over 3822 square meters area. The height from the ground to the top is 54 meters.

The holy relics of the religious leader St. Grigor Lusavorich (Gregory the Illuminator) were brought here from Naples, Italy.

The complex of the Cathedral is built upon donations of various Armenian benefactors; among them are Alek Manukyan, Nazar and Artemis Nazarian, Kevork and Linda Kevorkian, and Eduardo Eurnekyan.



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