Local Area: Northern Avenue

The Northern Avenue, first conceived by Alexander Tamanyan, is designed for pedestrian traffic. It leads directly from the Opera House to the Republic Square. The most impressive architectural complexes of the 21st century are located in this part of Yerevan; modern buildings, business centers, cafes and restaurants, brand shops and luxurious apartments. 

The Northern Avenue is a combination of the brilliant ideas of architect Alexander Tamanyan and the requirements of modern civilization. In the underground part of the avenue a shopping center called “Tashir Street” will open soon. The main part of the construction is completed and the stairs to the underground are replaced with escalators.

The construction of the Avenue was expected in the 1900s, but it was prohibited during Soviet times. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the reconstruction of that section of the city started in 2001. The primary investments in Northern Avenue proved to be viable, and the construction included new hotels and cafes. They were meant to service summer tourists and not only. 

From time to time, various festivals, flash mobs and concerts of classical, rock, jazz music are held on the Northern Avenue. 

Every year, in autumn, when celebrating the anniversary of the city, numerous festive events are arranged in Northern Avenue where children’s drama, fashion, circus, carpet weaving, ceramics, woodcraft and other exhibitions are held. 

In winter, the Avenue turns into a Christmas market, where small pavilions offer various souvenirs and hand-made toys, sweets and candies.

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